Five weeks free Agria pet insurance 

All cats adopted from us will come with free insurance. Agria also do a special indoor only policy. Once the five weeks are up, you can stay with them or find a different insurer. 

As part of our adoption process, all our cats must be insured for life.

Keeping safe during covid 19

When home checks are beening done, all our volunteers will be wearing a face mask, gloves and will keep to a safe distance. We ask all potential adopters to please also wear a face covering so as to keep everybody safe.

Give a working feral cat a home

Our feral and stray cats will come neutered, ear tipped, microchipped, flea and wormed. They will also have a general 

health check. We provide starter kits, which include litter tray, cage and food. We are looking for farms, stables, gardens and yard homes for our cats. In return they provide a non poison friendly pest control service. We prefer adopters living on

site, as to feed and water the cats daily. 

We provide transport, so we can deliver our cats to where they need to be. These cats are very independent, as long food, water and shelter is available. Upon arrival, they would need to be kept in their pens for between four and six weeks to climatize to their new environment. 


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