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I'd like to say how thrilled I have been with the superb adoption service provided by Kim and Bal from Street Animals & Pix n Mix Pedigrees, which bought me together with my wonderful cat Finn.

It's a serious business taking on a cat, who's early life might be marked by trauma and abandonment. Foster mum Kim and Bal were so professional and rigorous in their assessment of my home, to ensure Finn would be well loved and safe from harm. With a few tweaks here and there (esp relating to safe-guards covering open windows and balconies) I was delighted when they confirmed I was a suitable candidate to take on Finn.

In the past when I have wanted to adopt a cat I have found that, living as I do in a flat without a garden, I've been discounted by the larger organisations who rehome cats, insisting that their cats have garden access. I'd almost given up any idea of adoption when I came across Street Animals and their indoor only policy. 

It made absolute sense to me that indoor cats can have lives as rich and rewarding as cats that can access gardens. As long as you make time to play and groom your cat, you will be rewarded with a happy and contented cat.

It took some time on my part but I demonstrated my commitment to taking on Finn by following the very sensible guidance to ensure Finn's safety and well being for what would hopefully be a life long companionship. His transition to his new home could not have gone more smoothly, which testifies to Kim and Bal's brilliant fostering skills. Kim and Bal have continued to offer wise counsel and advice when I've asked for it. I could not have asked for a better outcome since I started on the adoption process.

Finn is well and truly at home with me ( he loves soaking up the morning sun on the well and truly catified balcony) and this would not have been possible without Pix n Mix's dedication to the welfare of their cats.

Keep up the good work.


Last March I found a kitten on a busy street in Egypt. The little one was so tiny and barely moving. I honestly didn't know what to do, as I couldn't find her mum and my stay in Egypt was nearly over. I panicked and looked for help on Facebook and I thank God that I found someone like Kim, to help me.

Kim gave me advice, guided and supported me and helped in every way possible. I would have been absolutely lost without her, also because of her calm energy. Her knowledge, experience and insight were amazing. Thanks to Kim I managed to feed the kitten every two hours using a syringe and goats milk. In the meantime Kim was able to find a shelter for her.

The next day I bought the kitten to the shelter and felt so assured. Now, a few months later I receive updates about her and I am so happy that this story has a happy ending. I absolutely appreciate Kim and the Street Animals team and all that they are doing for rescue animals, they really make this world a better place.



Kim and Street Animals have been unbelievably helpful, caring, and knowledgeable in aiding me trying to capture and care for a stray cat who's been visiting me. I had been trying to help Bluesy for a good few months and despite 

leaving messages with other charities and vets to get advice on how best to treat and trap him ( so that I could keep the little fella if he wasn't microchipped ) no one had gotten back to me and I was getting desperate.

I remembered that I follow Kim and her efforts on Facebook so gave her a call and she immediately got to work giving me advice, sending me medicine and being incredibly supportive while I worked out what was best for Bluesy. She has been amazing and I cannot recommend Street Animals highly enough. I work with a lot of rescues and she is one of the absolute best.

She really cares about animals and has a deep understanding of cats and kittens, which is vital to ensure their safety,

health, and happiness. My absolute hero.

Harriet J


A year ago, I moved into a property that had a stray cat living in the garden. As someone who has never had much contact with cats, I had no idea what to do. I got in contact with Kim for help, after

trying to get in contact with larger rescues for months, who was kind enough to advice stuff like putting a paper collar on the cat, speaking to neighbours etc. Kim even arranged for the cat to be neutered and chipped.

After that experience, I had the opportunity to foster one of the cats from Street Animals. At first, I was unsure about whether I could manage, having no experience caring for a cat, but I took the opportunity, knowing that recues are overwhelmed with abandoned and strays all the time. Kim and Bal were incredibly helpful throughout, giving advice when I needed, bringing food and litter when I ran out. My foster cat has since been adopted by a wonderful family and I am certainly more confident for my next foster. Would highly recommend fostering or even adopting, to give it a go as it's a very rewarding experience and you will be supported by Kim and Street Animals throughout.

I really appreciate what Kim and Street Animals do for rescues locally and abroad and all the advice they've given me.


I would like to say a massive thank you for your help in rehoming two cats that belonged to our Auntie, who unfortunately passed away. You have found them a lovely home. The whole process was very smooth and fast. You have been keeping us updated with videos and photos of them, to see how well they are doing in their new home.

This charity has been very helpful and amazingly, understanding the needs of the animals, we could not be more grateful for all your help. Much appreciated.

Anne Fernandes

Kim and the team are extremely kind and through in matching the right cat with its forever home. They will guide you through the process with lots of great tips and advice, whether you are a novice or intermediate cat owner. We are thrilled with our new family member.  Thank you Kim and all the team.



Kim and the street animal team helped us adopte our lovely kitten Bluebell. They supported and guided us at every stage of the adoption process and have continued to check in with us after adoption. We would highly recommend street animals to anyone looking to adopte a cat. 

Rashmi and Alex Taylor


A few years ago I adopted Micky through Kim Osman and the street animals charity. They helped me through the adoption process. He is a delightful cat and I love him so much. Thank you Kim and street animals.

Anne Heninson


Street Animals & Pix n Mix Pedigrees have been nothing but amazing. When I emailed regarding a stray cat, almost immediately I received an email back, asking for my contact number. I then received a call straight away. I had spoken to Kim, who was phenomenal. I explained the circumstances and she gave me clear instructions on what I should do, while she was finding a place for the stray cat.

Kim really cares about the wellbeing of the stray cats. It wasn't just a job for her, which was so refreshing. She was professional and prompt with her response and was polite. Kim even called me asking for updates on the stray's wellbeing and if anything had changed. 

I am so grateful and honestly had a great experience. The best part is, the stray is no longer a stray. Thank you.


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