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Merlin's before photo, when he was on the streets of Egypt

Someone alerted me to him and I offered to help. We may have been Merlin's last hope, as he looked like he wouldn't make it much longer.

I had a team looking for him for three weeks. Just as I was about to give up, someone sent me a photo that they had found him, so his rescue mission started.


Merlin was in Alexandria, which is five hours away from boarding facilities and the best vets, as all these are in Cairo.  Then we started the long rescue mission to get him to Cairo, which takes lots of networking and organising.

Once Merlin was in a shelter, he got all the vet care he needed. He was in shelter at 4C for about four months. After which he got prepared to travel to the UK, where he now lives with his family. As you can see from the photo, he is doing really well.


Angel's before photo, when she was on the streets of Greece

A very kind vet found her. He gave her all the vet care she needed. He also prepared her to travel to an amazing home in Germany, where she now lives with her rough collie family and her mum. She is thriving in her new home.


Angel with the vet that helped her travel to her forever home in Germany.


We are a non profit organization, relying on donations to help us with our rescue work.

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