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cat proofing

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Some Ideas below, what we are looking for

Good example of a catio for people who have gardens or live on the ground floor.

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Two pet gates on top of each other is a good way to stop cats getting out of the front door, when anyone comes to the door.

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If you are handy at DIY, you could knock up something yourself to stop your cat getting out of windows. It needs to be very secure. Velcro is good for attaching wood to window frames.

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This window proofing is more of a profession job. This is from Fly guard. This is very secure and you can take the guard on and off of the windows with ease. The are secured with clips.

When enclosing balconies, we ask for them to be closed in on the top as well. Cats do climb meshing so it's important that the whole structure is completely secure. This is what we look for when doing home checks.

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When cat proofing balconies, if you are going to use netting and not wire, the netting on the right is not as strong as the netting on the left photo.

You would need to double the netting if using a thinner cheaper brand. We recommend you use the stronger netting as cats will climb it and some cats are on the heavier sided and will pull the whole thing down.

Please make sure your structure is strong and secured to the wall correctly.

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As you can see from the pictures, this is someone's DIY project, which we were very happy to accept as cat proofing. Tools and materials used were

. Hand saw              . Timber 

. Drill                       . Bricks (rest on to stop rotting)

. Wire cutters            . Galvanised steel angle brackets 

. Staple gun              . Screws 

. Staples                   . Staples

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This is the type of cat proofing of windows we are looking for, to keep our cats safe.

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This excellent garden cat proofing is from a company called ProtectaPet. You can get a £50 discount code if you go onto to Kitty Gardens house cats, catios and catification  Facebook group. 

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