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Street Animals & pix 'n' mix pedigrees rescue at a Glance

Here at Street Animals & pix 'n' mix pedigrees rescue, we give cats/kittens a second chance in finding a new home. Prior to re homing every cat is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flea and wormed. Vet treatment is given when needed.


Behind the scenes

We are a non profit organisation

Our volunteers are out there on the streets trapping stray cats, picking up unwanted cats/kittens.

We fundraise to cover vet treatments, food, litter, flea & worm treatments, electricity and petrol. These are just the basics.

We also network online to help get cats off the streets and into rescue space.


Adopting a cat from us

Prior to re homing. Every cat is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Also flea and wormed.

Our indoor cats


Our adult cats come into us as strays or surrendered. All cats are vet checked, then put into a foster home. They are given time to settle in where their personality's soon come out. This gives us time to find the right match for them, as we start to understand their needs. All cats are fed on high quality wet and dry food.

Our indoor kittens


90% of our kittens have their mothers with them. All are kittens are brought up on royal canin kitten milk. As well as mum feeding, we also bottle feed them to help mum out as she normally comes in exhausted. We start worming as early as possible. We introduce scratching posts and litter trays very early on. Kittens stay with us for minimum sixteen weeks until they are neutered.

Adoption process

Pre adoption form

When adopting from us. We ask adopters to fill out an adoption form. One of our team members will call you for a chat. If you are found to be a match, we will arrange a visit for you to see your cat/kitten. After the visit, if we are both happy we will arrange a home check. If all goes well with the home check, you will be ready to adopt.



Indoor cat owners need to be careful when opening windows and balcony doors. Our little friends could find themselves in danger.

Hunting instinct can sometimes take over. Be warned if netting or mesh is not sufficiently boxed in, cats may find their way over the top.

We ask all potential adopters to please take necessary steps to protect your cats from falls, injuries and death 

There are a number of different cat proof nettings available like metal wire mesh and cat proof netting that you can attach to balconies and windows.

This allows you to have your balcony door and windows open all year round. This is a worthwhile investment to ensure you cat remands safe.


Adoption Fees

What our cats/kittens are homed with

Adoption fees for adult cats start from £100. Our kittens start from £150. Pedigrees and pedigree crosses will be slightly more. We call these our pix 'n' mixes. Adoption fees are worked out for each cat/kitten depending on how much vet care is needed. We have vet bills to cover. Adoption fees go towards helping new cats coming into care. We never reuse litter trays, all cats/kittens are homed with their trays. Each cat/kitten goes home with a box full of stuff, vaccination card and microchip certificate.


Our promise to all our cats/kittens

We would like to add that any cat/kitten we have re homed would willingly and without question be taken back into care, whatever the reason. This is our policy.

Kittens For Adoption

Our kittens are looking for indoor only homes. We are happy to accept cat proof gardens, balconies and catios. No dogs or children under ten.

These kittens are friendly and very lovable. Potential lap cats. They have all been hand reared. We have Bombay Burmese mixed kittens and Tabby. They maybe semi long haired.

Please email for a pre adoption form or call to inquire.


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We have new cats coming in all the time. We also have a waiting list.

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Overseas Rescue 

I would like to start off by saying we can not save every single cat, and yes, we have our own UK street cats that always comes first. Every now and then we do like to save a life from overseas. For that one cat who has been rescued we have changed it's whole life. Some of the cats below we have saved.


Overseas Cats

Here are some of our overseas rescues

Aslan Before

This poor cat was on deaths doorstep. A lovely lady in Egypt found him on the streets. We managed to get the poor soul in a shelter, where he started to recover slowly. He stayed in the shelter for about six months until he was ready to travel to the UK. When rescuing cats from overseas they all need vaccinations and  rabies. All the cats travel via heathrow when coming from Egypt.

Aslan After

Aslan is now happy in his new home in the UK.

Lilly Before

This beautiful persian was also on the streets of Egypt. She was a difficult rescue for me as she had really bad ulcerated eyes. When I finally got her into shelter and the vet checked her, one of her eyes had burst and was really infected. She had to go onto antibiotics for weeks until we got the infection under control. In the end Lilly had to have her eye removed. A huge amount of fundraising took place.

Lilly After

Lilly was in shelter in Egypt for eight months before I could get her to travel to the UK. Heathrow are very strict on there overseas cats. Her other eye was 70% ok. She was using corneal craft cream and antibiotics. I needed a lot of paper work with her before she was allow to travel. She was one of my hardest cases. Lilly is happy now in her forever home.


We help feral and stray cats locally

Abandoned and unwanted cats

We are always happy to help and advise. We also provide a TNR service where we can for feral cats with feeders only, as this is important that they have a human looking out for them. We do occasionally adopt feral cats who can live on farms, stables and safe rural environments where there is someone living on site. The cats would need to be provided with food and shelter. These cats are normally neutered and microchipped only. Contact us if you would like to give a feral cat a home.


Ear Tipped Cats

Please leave these cats were they are. They are part of a trap neuter and release program. This is internationally recognized throughout the world. Type of ear tip does vary in different countries. The ear tip identifies the cats as neutered and should prevent further trapping. Please feel free to leave these cats food, water and create some sort of shelter for them.


Lost & Found

Lost & Found

I Have Found A Cat, What Should I Do?

 If the cat appears to be suffering and injured in some way, please take the cat straight to the nearest vet. If the cat is a stray in your neighborhood and it's around for weeks, please leave food and water out for him. Please contact a rescue local to your area. If the cat is not friendly he may be feral or a shy stray. Make local inquiries to see if anyone has lost a cat. You can also put up posters. You can find local rescues online. They can come and scan the cat to see if there is a micochipp. If the cat is too scared they may need to trap him with a humane cat trap.

I Have Found A Stray Cat In My Garden,What Should I Do?

If the cat is friendly try a paper collar. If the cat comes back the next day with the paper collar still on, leave him some food and water. In really bad whether, if you can't take him in, then please make some type of shelter for him. Get in contact with your local rescue and they can come down and get him scanned. You can also ring cat charities and get him on the waiting list. If you are pro active, most vets in London do a free cat neutering scheme which is the C4. You must have somewhere safe for him to recover. Please do not bring cats, unless they are injured and suffering into vet clinics and leave them there. Vets will only hold onto stray cats with no micochipp  for seven days. Not all vets have rescues who help them. After seven days the law allows them to be put to sleep.  Please be aware of that.


Rehoming  Your Cat/Stray To Us....

We are a non kill rescue. Rehoming your domestic or pedigree cats/kittens through us, if you need help or support, or if you or someone you know is struggling please get in touch. We also take in stray and abandoned cats/mother and kittens. We maybe able to help. Please get in touch.


Get Involved

Find out how to get involved. All help we receive, in which whatever form, will benefit the animals in our care. This could be donating, knitting blankets/cat toys, any food donations/litter trays/scratching post and so on. We also need transporters who can volunteer their time for vet visits and picking up strays.

Help Us Out

Use Your Skills

We are always looking for people who can knit and crochet cat blankets and toys. This really helps the cats/kittens out in the winter. Please get in contact if you can help.

Volunteer Your Time

Show Your Support

We always get calls for stray cat/kittens who need trapping. We provide the traps ourselves and can teach you how to use them. Volunteers are welcome from all areas of London.

Make a Donation

Make A True Change

We are a non profit organization run by a team of volunteers, who give up their time to help cats and kittens. All donations are welcome. All of the donations go towards vet bills, food, litter and more. We also have a vet that anyone can donate to. If you would like to donate please do so via paypal at or contact us to donate via our vet.



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